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We eloominate You!

We are here to support and fulfill your quest for dark fudgy chocolate cakes.


Because life is good, too good to not share awesome chocolatey treats..

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Who says chocolate cake must be sinful?


Savour the decadent chocolate from Valrhona in this wonderful treat. Very similar to Marquise where it tastes like chocolate mousse, but HEALTHIER!


This will eloominate your life because it is keto friendly....but there is NO butter or oil, and made with REDUCED sugar. 



No judgement if you would want to keep this for yourself. Just let me know and I will paint the box black so no one would touch it hehe!


Disclaimer: Even though no flour was used in the production of Flourless Chocolate Cake, I love nuts and anything gluten ( my bae) hence those with Coeliac disease may want to be aware.

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